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This website collects information by way of a registration form. This form will collect information about your company, including telephone, email and website address.

No information will be given or sold to any other third party. The information provided may be used by Artisan Websites (the manager of this website) to contact people who have registered regarding their membership, special offers, newsletters and other useful information. You will be given the option to opt-out of any promotional mailings.

Your information will be displayed on this website but we have no control over anyone copying the information for their own use.

Terms & Conditions

There is a charge of £25.00 per year to be listed on the website. This will become payable on registration and will not be refunded (unless the application is not accepted).

The purpose of this website is to give women a voice in the world of business therefore a business or activity must be run by a woman to be listed.

The manager of the website retains the right to refuse any application that is not considered appropriate. Rejection of any application will result in a refund of any monies received. The manager's word is final and no discourse will be given on the matter.

Applications from the following or related types of businesses or organisations will not be accepted:

adult entertainment; escort agencies; erotic lingerie or clothing; gambling or gaming; psychiatry; psychology; hypnotism; drugs (medicinal or recreational)

The manager of the website will make all reasonable efforts to keep the site online at all times but is not responsible for any loss that may be caused, however indirectly, by the website being offline.

Any business may withdraw their listing at any time by sending an email to No refund will be paid.


All information posted on the website is subject to change. Business information is presumed to be correct as supplied by the business concerned. East Grinstead Women does not warrant any accuracy and is not responsible for any member's website not being available to view.


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Terms & Policy

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The East Grinstead Women Illustration by Anne-Marie Sonneveld